Germany METABO Factory Tour – new tools, testing, production


Recently oztooltalk were invited to attend a tour and training event at Metabo’s headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany. We were able to see and test upcoming tools, see production from raw materials to assembly, and witness Metabo’s exhausting testing regime.

We also got to catch up with some of our fellow tool-friends: Ourbuild, Tools in Action, Coptool, Toolpig, ShopTool Reviews, and more. Yay! The two day tour included the production line, showroom and tool testing facility.

After a presentation from the CEO, who’s technical knowledge of their battery technology surprised me, we headed straight for the production line. The first surprise for me was that Metabo produce almost every part in the facility. Smelting and moulding of steel and aluminium, plastic moulding, precision milling and bending, and assembly are all done on the same grounds.

The circuit boards and batteries are produced elsewhere, and a few small, specialized items are bought in, such as screws and bearings. With these exceptions Metabo’s Nurtingen facility turn raw materials such as steel rod, copper wire and aluminium ingots into retail boxed tools by the pallet.

We saw heaps of new and upcoming tools, such as:

  • 5Ah and 7Ah LiHD batteries
  • 10-inch Table Saw, 36V
  • Vibration-sensing Dust Extractor, twin battery, 18V or 36V
  • SDS Rotary Hammer, twin 18V
  • 9-inch Grinder, twin 18V
  • 7-inch Grinder, 18V
  • 7-inch Rat Tail Grinder 15A
  • Metal bevelling tool, 18V
  • Auto-reversing tapping drill, 18V
  • Hollow-core SDS-Max bits
  • Dust-extraction attachment for cordless rotary hammer drill

We were also allowed into Metabo’s testing facility, where the durability of Metabo (and sometimes other brand) tools are tested in extreme conditions. The grinders are subjected to a variety of different dust/powder ingress tests.

It wasn’t long before we started to pity the guys who stood for hours on end drilling hole after hole in concrete, or cutting bar after bar of steel.

We left feeling that the folks over at Metabo take a lot of pride in the quality of their tools and processes.


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