Bosch GSA 18V-32 Sabre Saw – Brushless, Orbital, Variable Speed


Bosch have a brand new sabre saw for their 18V line, the GSA 18V-32. This is a major step-up from their previous offering; sporting a 32mm stroke length, 2500 SPM, brushless motor, vibration control, and orbital settings. This reciprocating saw also features an all new SDS quick release and adjustable shoe.

Bosch has increased their cordless reciprocating saw range substantially over the last couple of years. From just a single (mediocre) 18V standard model, to compact, one-handed models in both 12V and 18V, and now the premium brushless GSA 18V-125N.

The compact models seem to be based on the Milwaukee hackzall design, and to perform nearly identically (see our comparison of the two here). The new premium 18V model has apparently been built from the ground up. There is a matching 240V saw also, featuring the same new design.

There are no shortcuts on this tool, it is in fact breaking new ground. It is the first cordless reciprocating saw to boast the following features:

  • A variable speed dial,
  • A multi-setting orbital/pendulum function, and
  • An oversized blade-change collar and trigger (glove-friendly)

It also contains other features we’ve come to expect in premium saws, namely: a brushless motor, rafter hook and adjustable foot.

Specifications GSA18V-125 are as follows:

  • Stroke length – 32″
  • Speed – 2,500 SPM
  • Weight – 4.1 kg
  • Length – 482 mm

Whilst 2,500 Strokes per Minute (SPM) is a little less than the 3,000 found on other premium units, the 32mm stroke length is longer than most competitors. I found the power to be effortless on this tool, particularly in timber with the orbital function on its highest setting.

Bosch’s focus is exactly where it should be for reciprocating saws – comfort. With vibration dampening, glove-friendly use and a large ergonomic handle for multiple holding positions, it is really a pleasure to use. I wish other manufacturers would follow this lead instead of only trying to win the power race.

I tried this saw with 5Ah and 6Ah batteries and found it to be very capable. However, I’m very interested to see if it will have even greater power with the new 6.3Ah CORE batteries from Bosch, which feature the more capable 20700 form-factor cells.

This is undoubtedly the most fully-featured, premium 18V reciprocating saw on the market to date, and the price reflects this market position. It’s a saw for professionals.


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