Following on the heels of our other EGO reviews, comes the 56V Hedge Trimmer. I think this pips the blower for the funnest tool I’ve played with for ages. There is just instant gratification in seeing this quiet, comfortable tool neaten up a hedge or plant as if you were holding a lightsabre.

It runs at 2600 strokes per minute, which is on the lower side, so perhaps something EGO could improve on next time. Having said that, it didn’t even remotely struggle with the tests that we asked of it.

Its super comfortable, got a long 61cm bar and is rated to cut 22mm branches. We think that may be a little optimistic, but it certainly didn’t struggle much with the 15mm branches in the woody hedge in my back yard.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. The 2Ah battery that comes in the kit is rated to last 60 minutes. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.

In summary, this is the most comfortable and funnest tool I’ve used in a while, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it in the slightest.


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