Milwaukee M12 FUEL Rotary Hammer Drill – M12 CH

What’s 1.9kgs, brushless, and eats concrete for breakfast? If you said an M18 Milwaukee rotary hammer drill, you’d be close. But at this size and weight, it could only be the FUEL M12 CH – Rotary Hammer.

It looks small enough to give to your kids for christmas (which would be an awesome gift by the way, just don’t provide any bits). While this may be the most portable rotary hammer drill known to mankind, it still packs a mighty punch.

Official specs:

  • 6mm holes in concrete; stealing candy from a baby.
  • 10mm dynabolt holes in clay bricks; arm-wrestling your 4 year old niece.
  • 12mm holes in concrete; not as fun as above mentioned activities, but still pretty easy.
  • Easy to throw to colleagues on above floor
  • Red

Other useful stats:

  • Max Capacity : 16mm
  • Blows per minute : 0 – 6200BPM
  • Speed : 0 – 900 RPM
  • Weight : 1.9 kg
  • Length : 254mm
  • On-tool fuel guage

We only wish it had a belt hook. Also, it has no stubby holder. We recommend getting some 4.0ah batteries with this unit. Despite being brushless, you are asking it to put holes in concete, which is traditionally a substance that resists damage fairly well.

With a street price of $270ish, if you have the M12 line and need to put in anchors regularly, this is a no-brainer. Seriously, stop reading this rubbish and go buy it, it’s amazing.


  1. glenn says

    Awesome, an Aus tool blog site!

    I have the brushed version, (M12H-0) and love it. It gets used doing A/C installs.

    Typically doing the installs we use it to drill the pilot hole for the pipe/wiring access from the inside out through the wall due to its small blow out on the external wall.

    Then I use it to drill 4 x 8 or 10mm holes and @ 5 to10 x 5.5mm holes per unit and with a 3.0 ah battery, I can get 3 units installed with a little left in the battery.

    Yes it is a bit slower than the 18v sds drills but I feel the compact size and very low weight is worth the trade off.

    The tool nut in me wishes I had bought the brushless version but in reality the brushed drill is more than adequate for my needs.

  2. says

    I am an Audio/ video contractor. A large part of my business is mounting Flat screens to walls. Many buildings in New York are solid wall structures. Sometimes i have to hang TVs from ceilings and reinforced concrete beams. I have quite few rotary hammers, a Hilti TE-7C, a Metabo BHE 20, and my cordless rotaries are a Hilti TE 2 A18 (18 volt) and the Milwaukee M12 BRUSHED rotary hammer drill.

    I love this little beast! Often I’m on a ladder or reaching over furniture. This drill is light weight and very one hand friendly. I use it many times when mounting TVs on brick walls (small anchors penetrations 1/4 and 5/16.) It’s also light. Some buildings are walk ups and when you’re carrying 50 lbs of tools and have to carry a rotary hammer (for just in case situations.). This drill is great for that purpose. It does drill slower than 18 volt counter parts and does not have the same wallop. But it gets the job done and less weight means a healthier and less fatigued back.

    I carry a 2.0 battery and a 4.0 battery. If you’re not drilling holes no larger than 3/8, it’s an awesome addition to the tool box.

    I’m very pleased with this drill.

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