EGO’s line trimmer doesn’t have the class-leading performance of the blower or the wow factor of the mower, but it does hold its own in the line up for one simple reason, noise.

Line trimmers are bloody noisy things, especially when up at full revs. The EGO 56V line trimmer takes a while to get used to, because its so damn quiet! It doesn’t have variable speed, you just pull the trigger and go to work. And until you start hitting something solid, it sounds like a bathroom fan.

We like the following:

  • Plenty enough power for home use
  • 45 minute run-time (I suspect most users will get 30-40)
  • Very light
  • Comfortable grips
  • Build quality is great
  • Bump feed works a treat

But we’d like to see a couple of improvements

  • 30cm cut diameter is a little small
  • No shoulder strap means that it can get tiring to hold

Would I buy this trimmer? Absolutely. But anyone with a big yard will get frustrated by the line length. This is perfect for the lawns that you get with modern residential estates.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.


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