NEW 18V AEG Framing Nailer A18F10FN – Ridgid Battery Framer [2021]


oztootalk take a look at the brand new (available TOMORROW) AEG Framer!

This brushless 18V Framing Nailer (Ridgid R09894B in the US), is the first in the market which can be re-gassed by the user via a standard inflating valve! It just requires a compressor capable of 125 PSI.

2020 Framer Comparison here –

Model A18F10FN has the following specifications:
– 5.1kg (with battery)
– 3 Nail per Second fire rate, no ramp up time
– 50mm – 90mm nail length
– 67 nail capacity (standard magazine)
– Extended Magazine available
– Drives Up To 750 Nails Per Charge with supplied with 4Ah batteries
– Refillable Air Canister
– Dry Fire Lockout
– LED Feedback
– Powerful F-RAPIDFIRE Motor


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