EGO 56V Blower – 2nd Generation Brushless



Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dwain from oztooltalk here.

Got a really exciting tool to review, this is the brand new EGO 56V brushless Blower. It’s just way too nice a day after our long winter here to lock myself up in the garage, so I’m outside. You’ll have to excuse a few traffic noises.

So this is EGO’s second brushless blower, and I’m really impressed that they’ve brought it out because their first one was already kickass, it was just fantastic. So it’s a testament to them that they wanted to go and improve it again. So anyway, I’m going to show you a few features on this thing and then we’re going to put it to the test, see just how hard it goes. This one is 90 m3/hr in turbo mode, compared to the previous one which is 810 m3/hr. And it’s already also a little smaller and a little sexier. So let’s get into it.

So first up you’ve got your speed gauge, from low 90 degrees to high, so it’s actually variable speed. That’s an improvement from the first generation which was a two speed plus the turbo. This one is variable speed, from low to high plus your turbo button up here. Once you pull the trigger down here you can put your thumb on the turbo, with one hand obviously, and away you go. A lot of us just use turbo all the time because it’s so good. It doesn’t have a safety as well, so on the first generation you had to depress the safety and then pull the trigger. But they’ve gotten rid of that and I think that’s fine because its only a blower. It’s not a very dangerous tool, so good on them for taking that step. A couple of other things to note, you’ve got a little bracket here for putting on a shoulder strap, if you want, it doesn’t come with one but you could easily get yourself one to suit. And just wanted to show you how they’ve changed this, they’ve opened this right up all around for the turbine fan in there so it can now suck in air from any direction, not just the bottom like the old one did.And then of course you’ve got your little catch here for taking off the nozzle. That’s all there is to show about it, let’s go test it.

Just going to test it on low with some grass,  that I just spread all over the place with my whipper snipper. If the dog doesn’t eat it all first. Just a bit of fun with the dog.

OK so a few more things I’ve discovered. First the model number is LB5300E and it’s IPx4 rated which means that it’s splash proff. Which means that you shouldn’t have any concerns about using it in a shower or even rain. Also it comes with a 2.5Ah battery. The original blower came with a 2Ah, so you’re going to get even better runtime on this. 75 minutes they reckon it’ll get, that will be on low, so that’s pretty cool. The low and the high settings, this one has a variable speed range, the low through to high are very similar to the original blowe, they’re just a little bit higher. But the the Turbo is that full 10% higher. I also just wanted to mention actually while you’re here, EGO have just released a 7.5Ah battery, this is a big whopper. It’s the same size as the 6Ah battery, so that’s really cool, especially for running your chainsaw and your mower. That extra juice in a 7.5Ah battery is going to be really valuable. You could also easily stick this on your blower, it’ll absolutely fit no problems. Of course the extra weight is going to be fairly noticeable in your hands, so that’s when I would recommend going and getting yourself a shoulder strap. But man, the extra runtime, triple the runtime, compares to the 2.5Ah battery could well be worth a look if you use your blower a lot.

So anyway, I am really impressed with this. I can’t see how you wouldn’t be either, you saw how easily it blew around the big pile of scoria rock on turbo. And right down to the low setting which i was thought was just right for blowing around grass, sawdust, that sort of thing without throwing it all up into the air and making a big mess of everything. I’m super impressed. I’ve not actually owned a blower myself really, I mean I’ve got an electric one and I never use it. But having a cordless one now, I think I’m doing to start cleaning my patio a lot more regularly. So anyway, go check it out, the new EGO brushless blower is an absolute cannon, I feel like I’m in a game of Halo. It’s a real weapon that I love using, its comfortable and super powerful, I can’t see how anyone else could say that their blower tops the EGO one, its a real beauty.

Thank you so much for watching, keep a watch out because we are going to be reviewing soon the new 13 inch brushless line trimmer and then it won’t be that far until we get to review the new self propelled mower, and hedge trimmer as well. Tune in next time, thank you. Bye.

EGO 56V Battery BLOWER!

EGO’s 18V battery blower is possibly their best tool. Yes, it’s fun and well built and comfortable. But mostly it’s just a powerhouse. What else do you want from a blower?

It doesn’t have a vaccuum/sucking function, it just blows crap around really well. Specs are as follows:

  • $299 kit. Comes with 2Ah  battery & 40 minute charger
  • Runtime is around an hour (on low speed)
  • Turbine fan
  • Low Speed – 420 m³/h (high efficiency)
  • High Speed – 650 m³/h
  • Turbo – 810  m³/h

There’s really not much else to say. If you need a blower, why not do away with a cord or 2-stroke mess and just get one of these?

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.


Following on the heels of our other EGO reviews, comes the 56V Hedge Trimmer. I think this pips the blower for the funnest tool I’ve played with for ages. There is just instant gratification in seeing this quiet, comfortable tool neaten up a hedge or plant as if you were holding a lightsabre.

It runs at 2600 strokes per minute, which is on the lower side, so perhaps something EGO could improve on next time. Having said that, it didn’t even remotely struggle with the tests that we asked of it.

Its super comfortable, got a long 61cm bar and is rated to cut 22mm branches. We think that may be a little optimistic, but it certainly didn’t struggle much with the 15mm branches in the woody hedge in my back yard.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. The 2Ah battery that comes in the kit is rated to last 60 minutes. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.

In summary, this is the most comfortable and funnest tool I’ve used in a while, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it in the slightest.



EGO’s line trimmer doesn’t have the class-leading performance of the blower or the wow factor of the mower, but it does hold its own in the line up for one simple reason, noise.

Line trimmers are bloody noisy things, especially when up at full revs. The EGO 56V line trimmer takes a while to get used to, because its so damn quiet! It doesn’t have variable speed, you just pull the trigger and go to work. And until you start hitting something solid, it sounds like a bathroom fan.

We like the following:

  • Plenty enough power for home use
  • 45 minute run-time (I suspect most users will get 30-40)
  • Very light
  • Comfortable grips
  • Build quality is great
  • Bump feed works a treat

But we’d like to see a couple of improvements

  • 30cm cut diameter is a little small
  • No shoulder strap means that it can get tiring to hold

Would I buy this trimmer? Absolutely. But anyone with a big yard will get frustrated by the line length. This is perfect for the lawns that you get with modern residential estates.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.


Makita 18V DHP481Z Review – Brushless Hammer Drill

Write-up edited for accuracy upon further testing.

Makita has a tonne of 18V drills, and this isn’t the first brushless one. But it IS their first brushless heavy duty drill, and they are making some big claims about it, 125N.m. of claim.

Newton metres (N.m.) is how torque is measured, and that’s a good 50% more than any of it’s competitors claim. To quell your doubts about it”s torque, Makita have included a side-handle long enough you could unblock your toilet with it (not a suggestion).

We like the feel of this drill, and it certainly ripped through some redgum with a 16mm and 24mm auger bit. However it’s electronic protection seems to prevent it from shining in really intense torque tests. It was also able to pull down huge coach bolts into treated pine easier than competitors.

Does it live up to Makita’s claims? No it doesn’t, but it is a great drill Yep I think it does. The weight and length put it right inline with the competition, and the power is a cut above. So feel free to use the side-handle however you want. Ignore the side handle at your peril!