EGO 56V Battery BLOWER!

EGO’s 18V battery blower is possibly their best tool. Yes, it’s fun and well built and comfortable. But mostly it’s just a powerhouse. What else do you want from a blower?

It doesn’t have a vaccuum/sucking function, it just blows crap around really well. Specs are as follows:

  • $299 kit. Comes with 2Ah  battery & 40 minute charger
  • Runtime is around an hour (on low speed)
  • Turbine fan
  • Low Speed – 420 m³/h (high efficiency)
  • High Speed – 650 m³/h
  • Turbo – 810  m³/h

There’s really not much else to say. If you need a blower, why not do away with a cord or 2-stroke mess and just get one of these?

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.


Following on the heels of our other EGO reviews, comes the 56V Hedge Trimmer. I think this pips the blower for the funnest tool I’ve played with for ages. There is just instant gratification in seeing this quiet, comfortable tool neaten up a hedge or plant as if you were holding a lightsabre.

It runs at 2600 strokes per minute, which is on the lower side, so perhaps something EGO could improve on next time. Having said that, it didn’t even remotely struggle with the tests that we asked of it.

Its super comfortable, got a long 61cm bar and is rated to cut 22mm branches. We think that may be a little optimistic, but it certainly didn’t struggle much with the 15mm branches in the woody hedge in my back yard.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. The 2Ah battery that comes in the kit is rated to last 60 minutes. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.

In summary, this is the most comfortable and funnest tool I’ve used in a while, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it in the slightest.



EGO’s line trimmer doesn’t have the class-leading performance of the blower or the wow factor of the mower, but it does hold its own in the line up for one simple reason, noise.

Line trimmers are bloody noisy things, especially when up at full revs. The EGO 56V line trimmer takes a while to get used to, because its so damn quiet! It doesn’t have variable speed, you just pull the trigger and go to work. And until you start hitting something solid, it sounds like a bathroom fan.

We like the following:

  • Plenty enough power for home use
  • 45 minute run-time (I suspect most users will get 30-40)
  • Very light
  • Comfortable grips
  • Build quality is great
  • Bump feed works a treat

But we’d like to see a couple of improvements

  • 30cm cut diameter is a little small
  • No shoulder strap means that it can get tiring to hold

Would I buy this trimmer? Absolutely. But anyone with a big yard will get frustrated by the line length. This is perfect for the lawns that you get with modern residential estates.

As with all the EGO tools, its the batteries that make them brilliant. If you haven’t read or watched the mower review, do so now because we talk about the batteries there.


EGO 56V Battery MOWER!

Nod at the screen if you’ve ever done any of the following:

  • Flip your mower on the side and had it billow smoke
  • Put 2-stroke oil or fuel in your 4-stroke mower
  • Forgot to buy more oil or petrol just as you pull out the mower
  • Tweaked something while yanking on a pull-cord
  • Paid someone else because it’s just too messy, loud or painful to start

Well stop nodding at the screen like an idiot and take a look at EGO’s 56V battery powered mower. If you’ve been put off by feeble attempts at battery mowers before, try to keep an open mind. This is 56 Volts of power, over three times that of professional cordless circular saws, grinders and drills.

If you want to know every feature & specification about the mower, head on over to EGO’s website. Here is the important info and some of our key thoughts:

  • $599 kit comes with mower, 4.0Ah battery and 80 minute charger
  • Up to 45 minute run-time
  • Sturdy mesh 60L catcher plus mulcher and side shoot
  • 49cm(!) cut width
  • No oil, petrol or fumes
  • Super quiet – we didn’t feel the need for ear muffs

We love that is has a 49cm deck. It’s the widest of all cordless mowers, wider than my 4-stroke mower in fact. This really helps cut down the time it takes to do your lawn.

We also like how easy it is to set-up and use. You really need to watch the video to understand this. It folds up in about 5 seconds, and starts in 2. If you manage to stop it (because it will protect the mower and battery from abuse), you just won’t care because it takes 2 seconds to restart again.

What makes this setup special (and what makes us excited about the other EGO tools) is that the battery system is super advanced. The cells follow the ‘C’ shape of the battery, giving it greater surface area for cooling. Even better, every cell is wrapped in a ‘phase change’ material, an enclosed (and secret) substance that changes from solid to liquid at 50deg celsius. This means that heaps of heat is taken away from the battery as it’s being worked hard or charged fast (both of which heat the cells and reduce their life).

There are a couple of improvements we’d like to see.

  1. I feel like they could have easily put another hole or two in the sliding aluminium handle that would make the mower easier to use for the vertically-challenged folk among us.
  2. The safety bar on the main handle that you have to hold down can add to user fatigue. Especially when trying to use the mower one-handed in awkward spots etc.

The second one is really a safety feature that will probably become the norm, but as it is new to me, it annoyed me a little.

The most important thing about a battery mower is the power and runtime. This unit has plenty of it. It will struggle/stall if you run the blade into dirt, but that is to be expected. We think that it will last 45 minutes with a gentle cut, but probably closer to 30 if you’ve got some serious work to do. I’ve got a large backyard by modern estate standards, and it had more than enough juice for my block.

We think this is very well suited to small blocks, particularly in all the residential estates popping up. Go and check one out if you’re in the market for a mower, you won’t be disappointed.