Bosch Green Sanding Roller – PRR 250ES Review

Today we got to play with a tool we’ve never seen the like of before, Bosch’s sanding roller – PRR 250ES. This has been released and priced for the DIY range, but may also appeal to a lot of tradies.

This is the most versatile sander you’ll ever use. It has a variety of attachments that allow you to sand just about anything. You wouldn’t use it to sand a whole table top, but it has no equal in getting into tight places. it also does very well polishing stainless steel (and probably aluminum) and removes heaps of material with an 80G sleeve on the drum/shank.

It’s very light at 1.3kg and comfortable in the hand, if a little long. It doesn’t make enough noise to warrant earmuffs, but glasses are a must. The guard looks bulky and annoying but its actually quite handy because you can easily move it around as you work, and it has a dust extraction port.

This is a tool i want on my shelf. You have to watch the video to get a real appreciation for just how much punch has been packed into this tool.

18V Planer Comparison – Makita BKP180 vs Bosch GHO 18V-Li

A cordless planer is not a tool that everybody sees a need for. Yet I bet that anyone who has used one won’t want to give it back. They really can be a pleasure to use, and the Makita and Bosch planers are exactly that.

The main specs are as follows:

Bosch GHO 18V-Li  –   2.6kg, 82mm blade, 1.6mm cut depth, 14,000RPM

Makita BKP180       –   3.3kg, 82mm blade, 2.0mm cut depth, 14,000RPM

The Makita’s extra weight is noticeable, but also excusable as you get a much heftier base plate that should serve tradies well. Other than this, the Bosch has two unusual features:

  1. It only has one cutting blade. This does keep blade cost and maintenance down, but is probably the reason it doesn’t have quite as much grunt, and a just-respectable cut capacity of 1.6mm
  2. It has left and right dust chutes! This means that users can direct the chips/dust in whatever direction is least annoying to clean up. It also make fitting a dust bag or dust extraction vac too easy.

Both machines gave a very sharp finish. Both gave very good run times (69.5m and 66.5m for the Bosch and Makita respectively on 3Ah batteries). The Bosch is often a little more expensive . The Makita has a more user-friendly safety-lock.

So, which do we recommend? Well, we love both. If keeping mess to a minimum is vital to you, then the Bosch. For everyone else, the Makita is probably the better choice.

Bosch Brushless Review – Drill and Impact Driver/Wrench

Over the past few weeks we’ve been lucky enough to review the brand new brushless Bosch Compact Drill and Impact Driver. Models numbers are GSB 18V-EC and GDX 18V-EC (or DD182 and IDH182 for our friends across the pond).

Bosch makes good stuff, everyone knows it and these are no exception. These come in a pack with 4.0Ah batteries (or 2.0Ah slims), and a fast charger.

First up, the compact drill. We already loved the previous (brushed) version, often known as the ‘Striker’. It had as much power as any compact drill, and was very short and compact. The only drawback was the plastic chuck (though nice as far as plastic chucks go).

Is the new one an improvement? Not really. The motor is brushless but the handle went backwards. It’s still one of the best compacts out there, but we just hoped Bosch would make their terrific drill even better.

The new impact driver / wrench hybrid on the other hand just went to a whole ‘nother level. The previous GDX hybrid was an innovation, but lacked power to match it’s ‘hybrid’ nature. The new model is that innovation perfected (near enough).

It still sports the same 1/2” socket drive on the outside, but that is about it for similarities. First up, it has good power now, about on par with the brushless impact drivers from Dewalt and Makita. The unit also looks and feels better. Its got a more streamlined appearance (looks thinner) and the handle is just fantastic! If only the compact drill received the same handle…

So there you have it. One awesome product still awesome, and one good product turned awesome.